When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer After an Injury

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Have you been injured at work? Pursuing a workers’ compensation claim may be the best way to get the full benefits you deserve. However, while many injured workers can collect workers’ compensation without any issues, there are many cases in which others need the assistance of a skilled workers’ compensation lawyer to succeed.

If you have a workers’ compensation claim, consider talking to an experienced workers’ comp attorney about your options.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

The workers’ compensation system provides benefits and covers costs like medical bills and lost wages to people who have been injured in their workplace. It not only ensures employees get the compensation they deserve after an injury but also helps prevent lawsuits against employers when an injury occurs.

Will Workers’ Comp Offer a Settlement Without a Lawyer?

It is to your benefit to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to review your options before pursuing your case.

Contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer is a good idea—no matter the complexity of your case. Even if you think your situation is straightforward, an attorney can give you an honest appraisal of whether you can effectively pursue your claim without legal assistance as well as alert you to any pitfalls or complications to look out for.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Workers’ Comp? 7 Signs You Need to Talk to an Attorney

There are several signs that indicate you need to hire a workers’ compensation attorney. If you have questions about your case, complications arise, or any of the following statements are true, contact an experienced workers’ comp lawyer right away.

1. Your Claim Is Denied, Disputed, or Delayed

If your employer denies or disputes your claim, doesn’t pay your workers’ compensation benefits promptly, or claims your injury or job is not covered by workers’ comp, talk to a skilled workers’ compensation attorney who can negotiate and pursue your claim on your behalf.

2. Your Settlement Offer Doesn’t Cover Your Lost Wages & Medical Bills

Your employer may offer a settlement that is too low and therefore will not fully cover your lost wages and medical bills. To ensure you get the best possible settlement, call a workers’ compensation attorney who can make sure you are getting a fair deal.

3. You Have Been Seriously Injured or Suffered Permanent Disability

Have you been seriously injured, or are you suffering from partial or total permanent disability? If your workplace injuries prevent you from returning to work or limit what you can do at work, you may be entitled to long-term benefits to make up for the monumental costs of medical bills and lost earning capacity. Because these payments can be so expensive, though, insurance companies are likely to argue against them aggressively.

Call a workers’ compensation attorney who can work to secure the compensation and benefits you deserve.

4. You Plan to File for Social Security Disability Benefits

If you already have or plan to file for Social Security disability benefits, it’s important to talk to a workers’ compensation attorney because a workers’ comp settlement, when not structured properly, could significantly reduce monthly Social Security disability payments.

A skilled attorney can ensure your workers’ compensation settlement is constructed in a way that minimizes the risk of lowering disability payments.

5. Your Claim Comes with Complications

Does your workers’ compensation claim come with complications? Preexisting medical conditions, employers who don’t pay for the required workers’ compensation insurance, third-party claims—these and other complications can quickly make your case more difficult, so you should not pursue it alone.

6. Your Symptoms Develop Gradually & Get Worse Over Time

Not all injuries show symptoms right away—and some get worse over time. Your symptoms may develop over days, weeks, or even months, which not only makes it more difficult to prove your injury is related to work but also means your injury is less likely to show up in an initial medical exam.

An experienced workers’ comp attorney will be able to present your injuries appropriately and demand full compensation for their long-lasting effects.

7. Your Employer Is Retaliating Against You

It is against the law for employers to retaliate against employees who file workers’ compensation claims. You should not be punished for pursuing the benefits you are entitled to. Unfortunately, many employers still retaliate against employees who seek workers’ compensation benefits. This retaliation could look like firing you, demoting you, slashing your hours, forcing you to do work that is unsafe in your condition, threatening you, reducing your pay, or otherwise engaging in discrimination against you for filing a claim.

If you suspect you are a victim of employer retaliation, contact a workers’ compensation attorney immediately.

How Will a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help My Case?


Employers and the insurance companies representing them have teams of trained attorneys fighting on their behalf every step of the way. To tip the scales in your favor, you need experienced legal counsel on your side too.

A skilled workers’ compensation attorney will ensure you properly file the necessary forms for your case, meet all deadlines, gather evidence to support your claim, represent you during settlement negotiations or at trial, and fight on your behalf.

Whether you want to secure legal counsel or are unsure whether getting help from a lawyer is right for you, get a free consultation with a local workers’ compensation attorney to figure out your next steps.

Contact an Experienced Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

If you or a loved one have been injured at work, contact the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Vasilatos Injury Law. We have represented hundreds of injured clients and obtained millions of dollars in awards for our clients in Chicago and across Illinois.

Our workers’ compensation attorneys have experience in all aspects of workers’ compensation law, and we are dedicated to helping our clients get the best possible compensation. Regardless of the nature of your case, you can rely on us to guide you toward a favorable outcome for you and your family.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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