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About Vasilatos Injury Law

Since, 2001, Vasilatos Injury Law has been fighting for the full and fair compensation of Flossmoor residents who have been involved in personal or work-related injury, social security, or disability cases. We know that when you are involved in such a case, you need a good attorney immediately.

If you have been hurt at work, representation by a Flossmoor lawyer on your side with the right knowledge and skill can make all the difference. At Vasilatos Injury Law, our lawyers have represented thousands of cases with personalized attention, care and expertise.

Once we file your claim, we offer assertive and persistent support for you and your interests in settlement negotiations, and, if need be, in a court of law. Our Flossmoor clients are our number one priority, and we don’t back down from a challenge.

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Types of Injuries Compensable Under Workers’ Compensation in Flossmoor

There are many types of work-related injuries that you can receive compensation for under workers’ comp, even if the employee is at fault at the time of the injury. Most injuries that take place in the workplace or in connection with the are compensable. These injuries could include:

  • Slips and falls
  • Pinches and crushes from heavy machinery
  • Electric shock
  • Strain and injuries from heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, or moving
  • Vehicle impact
  • Chemical and fire burns
  • Repetitive trauma

Meet Our Flossmoor, IL Attorneys

Our Flossmoor attorneys come from diverse and experienced backgrounds to bring you the very best in legal care. We are fluent in English, Russian and Spanish.

Lee Vasilatos, Principal

Lee Vasilatos is a member of the Workers’ Compensation Law Association and a past member of the ISBA Workers’ Compensation Law Section Council. While on the Law Section Council, Mr. Vasilatos was a guest lecturer at ISBA-sponsored seminars and authorized an article for the ISBA Workers’ Compensation Law Bulletin.

He has also served as a guest lecturer at numerous medical seminars, including the Illinois Bone & Joint Institute’s seminars, “Medical Malpractice and Workers’ Compensation: How Does It Affect You?” and “Workers’ Compensation Seminar: Failed Back Syndrome.”

Ellina Khotimlyansky, Flossmoor Law Associate

In her second year of law school, Ms. Khotimlyansky successfully petitioned a Federal Immigration Judge for a discretionary grant of political asylum for a woman who had been raped by a prison guard. Since then, she has focused on the advocacy of her clients and she has successfully arbitrated and tried numerous cases to verdict.

Prior to joining Vasilatos Law, Ms. Khotimlyansky also litigated cases on behalf of employers at the Commission, and represented defendants against personal injury and property damage claims. This has given her unique insight into the opposing side’s claims practices and litigation strategies, resulting in superior preparation on behalf of her clients.

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