Advantages Of Working With A Bilingual Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

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If you’re injured at work and need help from an attorney, and you either do not speak English, have trouble with English or would prefer to speak with someone who speaks your language, it can be difficult to find a law firm that will take your case.

Many law firms simply don’t have the manpower on hand to help, and working with a firm that doesn’t speak the same language you do can be problematic—details of the case can be glossed over or mistaken, the crux of the claims can be misconstrued, and a host of other things can go wrong.

Instead of settling for an attorney who promises to try their best, sign on with a law firm that is fully capable of helping you with your case.

Here are a few reasons why working with a bilingual workers’ compensation or personal injury law firm can be to your advantage:

Complete Understanding of the Situation

It may seem like stating the obvious, but working with a firm who is fluent in the language you speak means that there is a much smaller margin of error when it comes to getting all the details of your case correct.


If you and the firm are on the same page throughout the processing of your claim and case, there’s a higher likelihood that all of the important aspects of the case will be accurate and properly represented. Even with the best of intentions, if there is a language barrier in effect, a firm cannot do its best work for you.

A More Comfortable Environment

If you struggle with the language that your attorney speaks, you may feel uncomfortable handling your workers’ compensation case with them. You may feel like you are being judged as you give your statements and reports, for not speaking the language they speak.

When you work with a law firm that has staff who speaks the same language you do, you may feel more at ease and be able to handle the case with a clearer head since you know you won’t be struggling with translations.

Additional Experience

Depending on the workers’ compensation case, a law firm that has bilingual staff may be more beneficial to you than one who only speaks English. Attorneys who focus on workers’ compensation cases may have worked with people in your exact situation, and therefore not only will have experience with your type of situation, but will also be able to navigate it more easily with you since there is no language barrier.

If you’ve been injured at work and need legal help, finding a bilingual workers’ compensation law firm may be a bit more difficult and time consuming, but in the end it will pay off for you. Eliminating the language barrier is always a good thing, but especially so when dealing with legal matters.

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