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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Elgin, IL

Vasilatos Injury Law offers personal injury representation in Elgin with over 40 combined years of experience in helping people receive sufficient compensation following many types of incidents, including workplace accidents. The best way to make sure you receive the compensation you need is to act quickly, which is how we can help.

We’re Here to Help When You Need Us

We offer home, hospital, and phone consultations depending on convenience. We also offer flexible scheduling and multilingual services for Spanish- and Russian-speaking clients. Our office based in Evanston is easily accessible by public transportation, and we can answer any questions you have for us.

Contact us at any time to learn more about our services.

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Practice Areas for Representation

The attorneys at Vasilatos Injury Law have experience in three main practice areas to provide representation in many different types of cases.

Elgin Workers’ Comp Lawyers

At Vasilatos, we understand that if you’ve suffered an injury on the job, your first concern regards the welfare of your family. Our attorneys often represent clients like you who have been involved in a workplace accident, and we can work with you to help minimize its impact on your life, with the compensation you deserve.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Work Accident Attorney in Elgin

Hiring a work accident attorney in Elgin can help ensure you get the representation that you need to recover total compensation for a work injury. He or she will work with you in a free consultation to determine if you have a viable case. Reliable attorneys will also be able to help make sure you understand every aspect of your case, which means you’ll never be in the dark at any point.

Common Locations for Job Site Accidents in Elgin

If you’re an employee in Elgin, there are many locations where workplace accidents can take place, but certain workplaces are more vulnerable than others.

Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are commonplace at construction work sites due to a number of hazards. Loose and heavy construction materials can fall and injure employees, or heavy machinery such as bulldozers and cranes could also cause injuries resulting from unsafe operation.

Work with the Best Work Injury Lawyers in Elgin

If you want the best representation in the event of a workplace injury and would like to seek compensation for damages, Vasilatos Injury Law is here to give you what you need with the help of reputable, experienced attorneys. With the help of our attorneys, you can get a full understanding of your case and get the compensation you deserve following a free consultation. If you’re searching for the “best Elgin work related injury lawyer near me,” you’ll find one when you consult with us today.

Personal Injury Attorneys in Elgin

If you have been injured as a result of negligence or wrongdoing, you are likely to experience more than physical pain afterward, along with anxiety regarding the future. If you have suffered injuries in a vehicle crash, an unsafe product, a slip and fall incident, or another type of incident, contact us for immediate help.

We have experience in many other types of personal injury cases, including wrongful death and nursing home abuse or neglect.

Elgin Social Security Disability Attorneys

When the Social Security Administration denies your claim when an unforeseen physical or mental health condition arises, it can make you stressed regarding the situation and the possible future. We can help you avoid the suffering that can come from the struggles of getting your social security disability claim approved.

We understand what social security eligibility requires in each case, and can help ensure that you receive all of the necessary benefits from the SSA.

Get a Free Consultation Today

If you would like help from Vasilatos Injury Law for your workers’ comp, personal injury, or social security disability case, contact us for a free consultation today. We’re ready to help you get full compensation for you and your family.

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