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If you are ever injured in the workplace, the process of filing a workers’ comp claim and seeking compensation can be an overwhelming challenge. From filing the claim to connecting with your insurers, these steps can be daunting, which is made even more complicated for many when out of work and trying to make a full recovery.

Thankfully, the experienced attorneys at Vasilatos Injury Law are here to help clients in Channahon with work injury claims, and we are dedicated to providing some of the best representation available in Illinois.

We can assist you with every aspect of the claims process to help you get the compensation you deserve, making sure you understand what the process entails from beginning to end.

Workplace injuries can take place at any time when least expected, but workers will normally have about 45 days to report the injury to employers. After reporting the injury, an employer may want to seek legal representation, which is where Vasilatos can help.

You can also secure a better outcome with the help of an attorney, whose representation could mean the difference between zero compensation and a favorable settlement. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to hire an experienced lawyer in Channahon before filing a claim.

Frequent Injuries That Occur on the Job

Work-related injuries can occur within seconds, but they can affect individuals for a lifetime following the initial accident. The potential severity of work injuries makes it important to act immediately to increase your chances of getting a favorable settlement.

Unfortunately, many workers don’t believe that their injuries make them eligible to receive compensation and don’t even report them but understanding the different types of compensable injuries may encourage you to file a claim.

Some of the common types of work-related injuries include:

  • Caught in or compressed by: Injuries that occur in manufacturing plants or involve heavy machinery.
  • Falls from higher platforms: May involve falls down stairs, off of ladders, or off of roofs.
  • Overexertion: This type of injury is among the most common and results from lifting, carrying, holding, pulling, or pushing heavy objects.
  • Traffic incidents: Traffic accidents could involve the use of personal or company vehicles used for job-related tasks.
  • Repetitive motion: These injuries can occur by repeating the same motions.
  • Slips and falls: Workers can slip and fall on various surfaces that are wet, slippery, uneven, or obstructed.
  • Workplace assaults: Different types of assault can involve one or more victims.
  • Struck by objects: Injuries caused by falling objects or objects that another employee drops.
  • Struck against an object: Employees may sustain injuries if they are struck against doors, walls, windows, or other objects.

Locations That Often Experience Workplace Accidents in Channahon

Some work environments are more dangerous than others for workers, such as:

Construction Injuries

Accidents and subsequent injuries often occur at construction sites. There are many different hazards in these environments in many cases. Machinery, tools, construction materials, vehicles, and platforms at great heights can all pose a risk to employees.

Factory Injuries

Many work-related injuries also develop in factories if safety measures aren’t in place to keep workers protected. Employees may sustain injury from heavy machinery such as forklifts, or they may encounter faulty machinery, falling objects, or other dangers.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Work Accident Attorney in Channahon

Hiring a work accident lawyer in Channahon can help you increase your chances of a favorable outcome in a workers’ comp case. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney will also be able to help you determine if you have a case via a free consultation and guide you through the claims process.

Even if you choose to hire an attorney to help you build your case, you should do what you can to learn what you need to file a successful claim.

What You Need to Know About a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Hiring an attorney may be beneficial and help you get the results you want from your case, but it’s important to understand the various aspects of your case to make the process smoother. Some of the elements of a case that you should understand include the paperwork you need to keep on file and your case’s statute of limitations.

You should also know which type of compensation you would like to seek with your attorney, whether it’s medical bill reimbursement, permanent injury, lost wages, or other types of compensation. Speaking with your work injury lawyer will help clarify any details you might be uncertain about regarding your case.

The Claims Filing Process

A reliable attorney will help you understand the entire workers’ compensation process when filing a claim.

The first step will entail letting your employer know of any injuries sustained within seven days of the initial injury. If you require medical attention and professional care, you may be directed to a facility that your company has approved.

Once your insurance carrier receives your doctors’ and employers’ reports, the insurer will open a benefits claim and, if it deems your claim compensable, will connect with you and your employer to discuss the appropriate payout while you recover. If your claim is rejected, you may be able to appeal it in many cases.

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